For me, the endless discovery of new ideas is an exciting never-ending journey. Meeting new people, artists and discovering new cultures fuels my creative process. Whether I am physically travelling through a new land, or exploring the world wide web. A walk through nature, encountering the perfect form and design of a flower can also be an inspiring journey.

Proportions, form, colour and contrasts stretch my imagination in unexpected directions.

I approach any journey with insatiable curiosity and my eyes wide open ready to stimulate all of my senses. That to me is endless freedom.

When I finally return into my workshop I can then begin to develop my ideas.

To choose the material I need, to feel it, fold, bend, cut, tear - all that belongs to the journey. Then the process moves onto the next stage. The original thought has now become three-dimensional - always a new and exiting experience.
When I can connect the function of the planed object with the aesthetic form, I have arrived at my final destination.

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