vocational training, professional development
1997-2000 Apprenticeship in bookbinding in Hamburg
2001-2003 professional development at the Academy for Design in Kassel
2003-2004 collaboration with professional bookbinders in New Zealand
2005 onwards creative director of Nadine Werner Buch- und Papiergstaltung

professional development
at the centro del bel libro, Ascona
with Edwin Heim, Markus Janssens, Hedi Kyle, Benjamin Elbel und Pamela Moore
at Helene Jouper Design, Stockholm with Cristina Balbiano d’Aramengo
at Penland school of crafts, North Caronlina with Matt Shlian

  1st Prize in the category Special Works of the Youth Bookbinding Competition of the BDBI ( Federation of German Bookbinder Guilds ) 1999
  1st German Federal Winner 2000 "good form in craft"
  Highly Recommended "Hessischer Gestaltungspreis 2002"
  bel libro 2009
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